Recalling the Stone Arch Tavern / Kansas City

Throughout the Si Siman photo collection it’s easy to see a that a least several of the photos were taken at the same club over a period of time. Either the stage props are consistent or we can see the “Stone Arch Ranch” lettering above the stage or on the wall at the back.

Roger Hurst was the first to identify the pictures being from, “the Stone Arch Tavern (not ranch) located at Truman Rd. and Blue Ridge Blvd. just east of I-435.”

Several people have contributed information that Curly Chalker is featured on lap steel in several of the pictures with Blackie Crawford and the Tune Toppers around 1950. However, further help identifying the other bands and musicians is needed.

Blackie Crawford and the Tune Toppers, Kansas City, c. 1949-50. (via Pine Grove Press)

This is Blackie Crawford and the Tune Toppers at a club in Kansas City c. 1950 doing a comedy routine. Blackie is on guitar at the right. Curly Chalker is on steel guitar. (via Pine Grove Press)

Does anyone recognize faces here?

Also, Russ Wever was able to find a mention of the club in an old Billboard magazine issue. I’m still not sure how he was able to do this. However, since Russ’s powers as a musician also amaze me, I guess I’m not surprised: