3 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Portrait #2 & #9 are of Jack Marvin from Kansas City best known for his long stint with the local band, The Indiana Drifters. He played a stand-up blond Fender Custom Triple neck.

  2. Photo #8 is me, “Rusty Dutton” Played with Bill Howerton & Carl Butler in the early 50’s. Three piece group called the “Saddle Pals”
    Photo #6 is my wife’s uncle “Ralph Howerton”. Played with Clayton Howerton in the early 50’s.
    Photo #1 we believe is Wayne Black (Nickname: Blackie) Played a harpiscord steel , forerunner of the petal steel. Played with Clayton Howerton’s band in the early 50’s in KC Mo.
    Photo #4 we believe is “Coy Burr” (well known singer and band leader)
    Photo #5 is “Hobie Shep” He and Radio personallity”Jimmy Dallas” hosted the “Cowtown Jubilee” in the early 50’s.
    Photo’s #2 & #9 we know him from the same era, but can’t call his name. My Wife’s name was Doris Howerton, Clayton Howerton’s sister. We have many photo’s of these people and will look through them and try to verify the indenity of the ones we can’t remember their names at this time..
    Don’t know where you obtained these pictures but they were all well known entertainers in the Kansas City area from the 1950’s to the 70s and 80’s, and some still playing yet.

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